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Welcome To The Ultimate Date Night App!

Pulling off the ultimate date night has never been so easy! This interactive couple’s game will have you laughing, dreaming and reminiscing as you play your way through unique questions and challenges! No matter where you are, the Ultimate Date Night app will rekindle the romance and have you connecting with your partner like never before.

How To Play

Forget spending all your time focusing on the screen! Our easy to use interface means more time spent on your partner! Answer personal questions, complete fun challenges and let the conversation flow as you play your way through this amazing couple’s date night game. Bin questions or challenges you think don’t suit you as a couple or skip to come back to it a little later!

Reignite that Spark
On Your Ultimate Date Night!

Finding the stresses of life are getting between you and your partner? Want to take some time and reconnect with your lover? The Ultimate Date Night App is full of fun tips, tricks, questions and challenges aimed at bringing you and your partner closer! Bring a personal touch to your date night and get lost in your partner all over again!

For Every Kind Of Couple

Whether you’re just starting out a new relationship or long-time sweethearts this app will have you connecting with your partner all over again. Take some time to relax, dream, reminisce and let your hair down with the Ultimate Date Night App!

Answer Fun Questions
Reconnect, Laugh, Play!

A fun mix of questions, that will spark inspiration and memories between you and your lover. Get to know each other on a deeper level, enjoy reminiscing about some great times in your relationship so far, look forward to the future, and enjoy playing the Ultimate Date Night App together!

Challenges To Connect You!

As you play your Ultimate Date Night, challenges will pop up from time to time. These are specifically designed to have you working together, laughing and igniting your playful side together. From planning your next vacay together, to deciding what to pack to a desert island, our Ultimate Date Night challenges are cheeky, fun and will have you bonding with your partner.

Take A Peak At Our Questions

The questions in your Ultimate Date Night journey have been specifically designed to bring you even closer together! Here you will find some example questions as a sneak peak at just how much fun your Ultimate Date Night will be with our exclusive Ultimate Date Night App!

Sneak Peak Of Our Challenges

The wonderful thing about our challenges during the Ultimate Date Night App is that they break up the questions in a perfect rhythm...ready to ensure you and your partner are ready to laugh and bond, by doing a fun activity together. Don't worry - all of these can be done with either just each other or a pen and paper - no big set up is required! Our Challenges will have you laughing together, creating new memories, and planning for the future with your Ultimate Date Night App!


If you could go back in time to relive one day of our relationship, what day would you pick?


How would you finish this sentence? "I always love it when you..."


Sit back to back, each with pen & paper. Draw a portrait of your partner from memory, revealing your masterpiece once it's complete!


If you owned a boat, what would you name it?

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